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IRS Offers In Compromise Attorney for Kansas City, MO & Overland Park, KS

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Many people find themselves in situations where they simply cannot pay the IRS what is owed on their tax bill. If you meet the requirements, an IRS offers in compromise attorney can help you with determining what the best solution is for your situation, and answer any questions you may have. Owing money to the IRS can be very stressful, and avoiding their attempts to contact you is the wrong thing to do.

An IRS offers in compromise attorney can explain your options, so that you can determine which may suit your situation. An OIC (Offer in Compromise) is sometimes an option for those who are in dire or difficult financial situations, and can only afford to pay a portion of what is owed.

In order for the IRS to consider an offer in compromise (OIC), you must meet certain requirements. If you feel that you do not owe the tax, you may qualify on the grounds of 'doubt as to liability,' which simply means there is a real doubt about whether the amount of tax liability assessed is correct. This could happen because the examiner made a mistake interpreting the law, your spouse is responsible and was not honest with you, the IRS failed to consider your evidence, or that you have new evidence that may prove the assessed liability to be incorrect. An IRS offers in compromise attorney can help you with any questions or concerns you have about your situation.

If you determine that you meet the qualifications, you may choose 'doubt as to collectability.' Just as it sounds, this means that you must prove to the IRS that it is not likely that they will ever be able to collect from you what is owed now or in future years. Another option that may suit your situation is 'effective tax administration,' in which you must convince the IRS that a circumstance exists that will put you in financial hardship if you are forced to pay the full amount you owe. This may work for people that potentially have the money to pay the tax debt, but would suffer economically if they were to pay this debt in full.

An IRS offers in compromise attorney can explain in detail how all of these options work, and what the requirements are that may help you qualify. For example, you may be able to persuade the IRS to allow an OIC in your case if you can prove that paying your tax debt in full would create a hardship for you if you are elderly, disabled, ill, finding employment would be difficult or impossible, or are unable to work.

There are many instances in which people owe the IRS more money than they are able to pay. The IRS is a stickler for details, and you must provide the information they require if you plan to make an OIC. These details need clarifying so that the individual or business taxpayer knows what is required of them by the IRS. An IRS offers in compromise attorney can answer all questions you may have, and lead you in the right direction when you are seeking assistance in paying your tax debt.

If you are tired of being shaken-down, call me at (816) 421-0121. If you are tired of the tax lawyers and insurance companies that you pay becoming more of a problem than your opponent, call me.

Jeffrey R. Siegel, ESQ. - Your Kansas City Tax Attorney

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Jeffrey R. Siegel, ESQ. - Your Kansas City Tax Attorney

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