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IRS Audit Defense Attorney for Kansas City, MO & Overland Park, KS

Have you been attacked by a bull dog?

When the IRS wants to audit you, it is not usually a smooth procedure. If you are being audited, an IRS audit defense attorney can help you avoid paying additional taxes and penalties, which the IRS will try to discover during the audit interview process. An in-depth knowledge of regulations along with the necessary time to implement legal defenses can often stop or at the very least limit proposed audit assessments to help you avoid paying even more money to the IRS.

Over the last year alone, the IRS has imposed in excess of 28 billion dollars in additional tax and penalties from audits of almost 2 million tax returns. By obtaining the services of an experienced IRS audit defense attorney, you have the best chance of getting the best audit results possible as a professional knows how to implement proven techniques and defend you against the IRS.

If you determine that utilizing the services of an IRS audit defense attorney is something you need to do, make certain that they are knowledgeable in tax laws. In fact, it is preferable that you use someone who is actually educated in these laws, and has a Masters of Laws in Taxation. For your own benefit, it is important that you do some investigation on their background before you make a decision to hire them.

It is well known that the IRS is aggressive, and may try to intimidate you. If you are being audited, you may be nervous. You don't know what to expect. This is when you absolutely need an IRS audit defense attorney to help you sort it all out. There are many things you do not know about the IRS that an audit defense attorney has in-depth knowledge about. For example, did you know:

If you are self-employed, there is a higher chance you will be audited?

The IRS will examine your deductions carefully?

Usually, you have only 3 years to make changes to a tax return you have already filed?

If you have offshore bank accounts or credit cards that are not reported, the IRS has a special criminal tax task force to track you down?

The IRS may try to prove that you have unreported income using indirect methods?

This is why you need an IRS audit defense attorney with exceptional negotiation skills, to insure that you get the best audit results possible. How may an experienced attorney help you? Here are a few examples:

Trying to limit the scope of the audit, and finding out what the IRS is concerned about;

He will do the research needed to strengthen your position against the IRS;

Communicate on your behalf with the IRS so that you don't have to face them personally;

Review your tax return in depth prior to the audit, in order to spot areas that may be of concern;

Help you avoid embarrassment at your place of business by having the audit at the attorney's office;

Resolve audit issues by putting effective negotiation skills to use;

If you are being audited you need representation by someone who is skilled in both tax laws and how the IRS works. Without representation, you are putting yourself at high risk of paying additional taxes and penalties, or even being involved in a criminal tax case for offshore bank or credit card accounts. Don't put yourself at risk if you are being audited - the IRS is not known for being easy to deal with. Contact a reputable IRS audit defense attorney, and feel secure about the outcome of your audit.

If you are tired of being shaken-down, call me at (816) 421-0121. If you are tired of the tax lawyers and insurance companies that you pay becoming more of a problem than your opponent, call me.

Jeffrey R. Siegel, ESQ. - Your Kansas City Tax Attorney

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Jeffrey R. Siegel, ESQ. - Your Kansas City Tax Attorney

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