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Jeffrey R. Siegel, Esq.
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The Siegel Law Firm collects upaid and partially paid debts on behalf of businesses and individuals. If you have not been paid for your services or sales, or have loaned money to some person or company, call the Siegel Law Firm. We can help you obtain a judgment and initiate collection activities, and we will not bill you by the hour. We can work out a FLAT FEE that makes sense for you considering the amount of money you are owed. For example, it makes no sense for you to pay a lawyer by the hour to collect a debt under $10,000 because the lawyer could cost more than the obligation is worth. However, if you knew EXACTLY how much your attorney's fees would be BEFORE you got started, you could decide whether it was worth pursuing. This makes sense for small business.

Tax Debts and Disputes

Do you owe the IRS or state tax agency money? Do penalties and interest continue to accrue? Can you just not get out from under?

Jeffrey R. Siegel holds the Degree of Master of Laws in Taxation. This is a degree earned after and in addition to his Law Degree. He has helped both businesses and individuals cut down or eliminate tax liabilities. He has conducted audit defense. Do not deal directly with the IRS who has all the advantages and overwhelming power. For a FLAT FEE, the Siegel Law Firm can help you protect your assets and resources from the IRS and other taxing agency. Interest and penalties continue to accrue, so act now!

Construction Disputes and Mechanic's Liens

If you are a contractor, you know how unappreciated you can be, and how difficult your business is. Every job has a problem, whether you do residential or commercial work, or whether you work directly for the owner or are a subcontractor. Your last payment is held back, or there are complaints about the work and they nickel and dime you at every opportunity.

The Siegel Law Firm regularly helps contractors get paid, and asserts all the powerful lien rights that the law gives them to make sure they get paid. Whether it is an owner who is breaching your contract just to cut his costs, or some other dispute, we can help by putting the full power of the law behind you to get paid, and we will do it for a FLAT FEE. You will know what it will cost you before you file suit, so even those small obligations that you would not have pursued in the past now make sense to collect.

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