What are Lawsuit Loans, and is This Type of Funding a Good Idea?

Contrary to the name, lawsuit loans are not “loans” at all but a cash advance against a pending settlement for those involved in a personal injury lawsuit.  When you are an injury victim in need of cash, financial issues can develop during the course of time it takes for a lawsuit to reach completion.  Essentially, when you want to obtain an advance against your settlement, it is considered “no recourse litigation funding.”  This simply means that if for any reason you do not win your lawsuit, you do not repay the advance.

Because the process is no recourse, the plaintiff is at no risk – in other words, in the event you lose your lawsuit you do not owe money to the litigation funding company that you do not have.  Lawsuit loans allow those who qualify to get a portion of their expected verdict or settlement immediately, usually within 24 hours.  How much you may be advanced depends upon the funding company you secure the advance from, but most offer about 10% of the expected settlement.

What can lawsuit loans be used for?  Most injured victims involved in a lawsuit find that when they cannot work, it can be hard to pay the bills or buy groceries.  You can use the advance to pay medical and other bills, utilities, to buy groceries or pay attorney fees so that your lawyer has the financial resources to fight vigorously on your behalf.

How do you repay the money?  Most litigation funding companies do not require payment on a monthly basis; after all, this would only add to your financial burden.  You will not be required to repay the advance or any associated fees or interest until the time that your lawsuit has been won, and you have your  money in hand.  Any money that is left after you repay the funding company is all yours, free and clear.

Should you apply for a lawsuit loan?  You will need to first discuss this form of funding with your attorney.  Should the two of you decide this is a good option for you, your lawyer will prepare the information the litigation funding company needs in order to determine if you qualify.  Whether you have bad credit or are unemployed makes no difference; the funding company only wants the information relevant to the accident/circumstances which caused your injuries, and the details of your injuries themselves.  This helps them determine if you have a strong case that will likely be won.

Lawsuit loans are one way to experience financial relief, so that you can live comfortably and as you normally would while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.  Talk to your attorney, who can further explain the process and help you decide if it is right for you.

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Ameriprise REIT Lawyers

Securities experts are investigating the claim that Ameriprise Financial Services, Incorporated may have said that Retail Properties of America (formerly known as Inland Western Real Estate Investment Trust) was a safe and low-risk investment. This is a misrepresentation, since before April 2012, Retail Properties of America was a public nontraded real estate investment trust. Although these can be attractive to investors, because of their high dividend, high-interest possibilities, they’re also inherently unstable and illiquid, meaning that investors who decide to invest in them may not have access to funds as they should.

The problem with possible securities fraud is that if Ameriprise brokers erroneously and fraudulently recommended Inland Western to investors despite the unsuitability and instability of the investment, and represented it instead as a safe and low-risk investment, this is an outright misrepresentation. What this means is that securities arbitration may allow clients to recover these losses with the help of Ameriprise REIT lawyers.

Investigating the recovery of your investment

The first step as you investigate the recovery of your investment is to contact a lawyer who is versed in securities fraud, and is particularly familiar with the Retail Properties of America case. Although Retail Properties of America is now a publicly traded New York Stock Exchange company and no longer a non-traded REIT, it was not at the time of this purported fraud. You have rights as an investor in this risky, illiquid venture, in that you deserved a fair representation of the risks involved in this type of investment, and didn’t get it. If that situation has now left you with the inability to access your investment, you need to contact a securities and investment fraud lawyer who can help you with your case.

How can a securities fraud lawyer help you?

Your lawyer will take a careful look at your case and determine whether or not misrepresentation was actually make that caused you to buy this investment. In other words, if you were told that investing in Inland Western Real Estate Investment Trust was a very good, low risk way to invest your money, you may have a case for fraud so that you can recoup what you invested. Again, remember that Ameriprise brokers may have fraudulently represented this investment as safe and low-risk in part because of the high commissions they received for doing so. Your securities fraud attorney will carefully look at your case; he or she has the expertise to represent you in recovering your money as one of the Ameriprise REIT lawyers available to consumers who need to recover their investment. Once your case is found to be a valid one, your lawyer will go to work for you and will help you recoup your losses.

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The Purpose of a Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney

What does a Fairfax criminal defense attorney actually do?  When an individual is accused of or arrested for a criminal offense, his/her lawyer will represent the client’s legal rights, guide the client through the legal process and work to reach the most positive outcome possible.  Essentially, Fairfax criminal defense lawyers try to prove their clients’ innocence and protect them from the often harsh penalties of a conviction when possible.

You may need a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer whether you have been charged with something that seems as petty as shoplifting, or an offense that is extremely serious, such as armed robbery or arson.  Whether you are innocent or guilty, it is essential that you have capable and aggressive legal counsel.  The average person has little knowledge of criminal law, how the justice system works, or what it takes to get the charges against him or herself reduced or dismissed.  Your attorney has the experience, skill and in-depth knowledge to reach the best possible outcome.

Without a capable Fairfax criminal defense attorney to represent you, the odds are high you will face serious penalties.  Depending upon the offense you have been accused of, you may face steep fines, jail/prison time, a permanent criminal record and more.  Your lawyer will first attempt to handle the situation out of court by working with prosecutors or negotiating a plea bargain if it is your wishes; however, he or she will not hesitate to go to court to defend your rights and challenge any evidence.

It is also the Fairfax criminal defense lawyer’s job to deal with the emotional aspects, calming his/her client and using skills to keep the client rational and focused.  Your attorney will listen to your decisions, but also work to ensure you understand all options and the potential ramifications of any decision you may make.

Essentially, a defense attorney will investigate the circumstances surrounding his client’s arrest, examine evidence and determine how to challenge that evidence, support his client and offer his legal  guidance, and determine the best strategy or way to proceed in order to reach the best possible resolution of the issues for his client.

If you have been charged with any criminal offense no matter how minor or serious it may seem, seek the skill and experience of a qualified Fairfax criminal defense attorney right away.  It could mean the difference between harsh punishment and your freedom, career and reputation.

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Fairfax Traffic Attorneys Work to Protect Offenders From Serious Penalties

Even though there are only 6 major highways in Fairfax County, as many as 1,000 motorists on those highways are issued tickets every day.  Experienced Fairfax traffic attorneys (Clardy Tuomey) understand the serious consequences those who commit traffic violations may face, which may include steep fines, loss of your driving privileges and jail time to name a few.  Certain offenses carry even harsher penalties, so it’s important that you have a skilled traffic lawyer in Fairfax on your side if you have been at the receiving end of a ticket, or been arrested.

Some offenses are more serious than others.  For instance, you may have been issued a ticket for driving 5 miles over the speed limit, or because your blinker was not working properly even though you were not aware of the problem.  In other cases, such as racing, driving recklessly or even causing an accident, you will need qualified legal representation. A capable Fairfax traffic lawyer is familiar with the traffic court in Fairfax County, and will work diligently to protect your rights and driving privileges.

Depending on the seriousness of the traffic offense you are accused of committing, you may be facing fines of $250 to $2,500 for a serious charge such as driving on a suspended license or reckless driving.  In addition, without the benefit of a trusted Fairfax traffic attorney, demerits will be assigned to your driving record for a moving violation by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  Even if you did not commit a moving violation, a conviction will be posted to your record.  Depending upon the seriousness of the charge, you could actually end up with a criminal record.

Seasoned Fairfax traffic defense lawyers understand all offenses, from those that are considered minor to the most serious – and how to defend them.  Without driving privileges, your life can be severely limited; driving is a privilege most people take for granted.  You do not realize how much you depend on the ability to drive wherever and whenever you like until your rights are taken away.

No matter how minor or major the offense you have been accused of committing, consult with a reputable Fairfax traffic lawyer immediately who can help determine the best path to take in your situation.  Driving is not only a privilege, but a necessity in most cases – don’t lose your privilege to drive.  Your attorney will work with you and do all possible to protect you from harsh penalties such as jail time and substantial fines.

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Taking Advantage Of Legal Ways To Avoid Paying Taxes

My ex-husband’s grandpa was an amazing guy. He used to do taxes. He said we should all be grateful to pay taxes and live in such a great country. He was also a courier for the original Pony Express. One day a robber got into an elevator with him and tried to steal the satchel of money he was carrying. He wouldn’t give up the bag and the robber shot him. Luckily the bullet tore through the bag but missed him. (learn about Kansas city tax attorney Jeffrey Siegel)Where are people like that today? No one wants to pay taxes anymore, or support schools or libraries. The Tea Party fights any new taxes no matter what it might mean.

We all want to take advantage of every loophole we can find. The most egregious thing of all is that rich folks get deductions, loopholes and tax shelters that average Americans are not in a position to take benefit from. The rich hide their money in perfectly legal offshore accounts and find plenty of ways to reduce taxable income, to the point where (as Warren Buffet pointed out) billionaires pay less than their secretaries. In 2008, Mike Huckabee ran for president and touted a consumption tax that he called the FAIR tax. The Fair Tax gave credits to people with lower income, but most significantly eliminated nearly all deductions. Mike Huckabee promised it could get rid of the IRS. Oh, what a golden dream!

Now that I think of it, Warren Buffet is a lot like my ex’s grandpa.

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Loopholes And Tax shelters Mitt Romney Used Legal But Immoral

I feel absolutely sure what Romney has done with his taxes is completely legal. He merely took full advantage of the immoral loopholes that Congress has established for him and other wealthy people who certainly do not need or deserve them.

I’m certain he did not evade taxes, or use illegal tax shelters—because he did not have to. But he knows how what he has paid, compared to what the vast majority of us pay, will look. He knows the offshore accounts and the loopholes are shameful. If you need to find a Kansas city tax lawyer, consider Siegel Tax Law

That’s why Harry Reid and others are trying to goad him into releasing more of his tax returns.

The rich hire armies of lobbyists to work for their interests. They contribute vast amounts of money to political campaigns—because it is well worth it. We have a sinister web of laws that favor the wealthy and powerful, and my question is: Don’t they ever have enough?

Most Americans know this is true but do not know the extent of it. Many of us avoid any real news, other than Fox News, because we don’t really want  to hear about it for good reason. It makes us feel hopeless and helpless to do anything about it.

Mitt Romney was happy to share many years of his tax returns with John  McCain when McCain was considering him as his presidential running mate.  After all, McCain is extremely wealthy himself. His wife is heir to a fortune, herself. The rich are a club and the members are very supportive of one another.

Not all the wealthy are greedy and selfish. Warren Buffet, the father of Bill Gates, and other wealthy folks have tried to influence congress to  make the tax code more equitable. But apparently, Mitt Romney is not a player on their team.

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Big Revamp Needed To Kansas City Business License Tax

Anyone who has ever served in government knows how hard it is to get anything done. And once something is done, it’s just as hard to undo it. For years Kansas City business owners have railed against their business license fees. Some businesses are grandfathered in to a low flat rate. Others pay much more, based on grossed revenues. (Contact an attorney specializing in tax relief kansas city if you have any IRS attorney needs)

Lynn Horsley, reporting for the Kansas City Star, posted the story on August 6, 2012, under the headline, “Report urges fix in KC business license tax: It’s criticized as complicated and unfair, but the decades-old tax provides $21 million for the city.”

Horsley says the decades-old tax provides $21 million for the city and quoted political consultant Steve Glorioso as saying, “It’s inequitable, it’s arbitrary and it’s cumbersome for not only the city but for businesses. It is probably the most unpopular tax that Kansas City has.” Since 1996, task forces recommended reforming the tax several time, but nothing ever happened. This makes try number four.

A report by a citizens’s group has just been issued that advises that all businesses be charged by a percentage of gross revenue. Businesses without that generate small profits but use a Kansas City workforce, such as call centers, Horsley notes, would pay a percentage of gross payroll. Horsley quoted Commission Chairwoman Susan Stanton as saying, “It gets rid of the inequities that arise from the city ordinance. I think it’s worth giving the city council another way to address it.” She added, “I don’t think we would support reducing the tax burden on businesses,” Stanton said, “and shifting it to residents.”

Apparently this change would eliminate the old flat fees and make things more equitable, but it would surely necessitate some big businesses to pay more taxes. It won’t be easy.

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Why Hire a Fairfax DUI Attorney? A Few Compelling Reasons to Make the Right Choice

There are numerous reasons to hire a Fairfax DUI attorney when you have been arrested for driving under the influence.  Perhaps the most significant negative consequence to many who are arrested is the fact that they will have a permanent criminal record if convicted, which can affect many areas of life.  If you have been charged with this criminal offense, don’t assume that you must “pay the piper,” and that you have no choice.  Seasoned DUI lawyers in Fairfax will work to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Experienced attorneys know that police must have a valid reason to pull someone over for suspected DUI.  Upon being pulled over, an officer will usually observe the behavior of the driver, and whether he/she smells alcohol. Police often look through windows to see if they can see any open containers of alcohol.  At that point, if the officer still strongly suspects an individual is driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, he may administer breath/blood tests and field sobriety tests.  If the suspected individual fails either of these tests, he or she may be placed under arrest.

Skilled Fairfax DUI attorneys know that while most of the time an arrest is valid, police can make mistakes in the course of an arrest.  You may be completely innocent of the charges.  If you are guilty, you may believe there is nothing you can do about it.  Regardless of your innocence or guilty, it is critical that you consult with a lawyer who specializes in representing the rights of those charged with driving under the influence.  Why?

Your lawyer will challenge everything about your arrest, from why you were stopped to whether the administering and handling of breath/blood tests were done correctly.  Attorneys know how prosecutors work in cases involving DUI, and how to challenge the evidence.  If police performed a search without the proper warrant, the case may be thrown out of court.  Proper protocol must be adhered to in the course of a DUI stop and subsequent arrest.  If this is not the case, it often works to the benefit of the accused.

Your Fairfax DUI lawyer will work diligently to protect your rights and freedom. Some of the penalties you may face if convicted include jail time, steep fines, loss of your driving privileges and a criminal record.  Your auto insurance provider may deem it necessary to raise your insurance rates if they feel you are a risk.

Regardless of the circumstances, you must speak with a capable and aggressive DUI attorney in Fairfax to ensure your rights are protected, and that the best possible outcome is reached.  Put your freedom and future in the hands of a competent, experienced lawyer who will work hard to have you acquitted of the charges.

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Arizona Slip and Fall Attorneys Work to Hold Negligent Property Owners Accountable for Victims’ Injuries

Arizona slip and fall attorneys know that property owners are required to maintain their properties within reason, making them safe for anyone who may be on the property.  This is law; when a property owner fails to meet these requirements and someone is injured, that property owner may be held liable.  If you have sustained an injury after slipping, tripping or falling on what you consider dangerous property, consult with an Arizona slip and fall lawyer who can determine if you do have a claim and if so, provide you with effective legal representation.

Is there ever an instance in which a property owner may not be held liable if you were to slip and fall?  Yes.  If a condition exists in which the owner had no way of knowing it was dangerous, or no one had ever fallen and sustained an injury before, that property owner may not be found at fault.  Sometimes there are hidden impediments that a property owner may not be aware of.  However, when the property owner knows a dangerous condition exists and takes no action to correct the problem or alert those who will be on the grounds, they may be held responsible for costs related to a victim’s injuries.

There are literally hundreds of circumstances in which a property may put people in danger or at risk.  For instance, a floor that has been freshly mopped or polished in a supermarket may be a risk, particularly if management does not put out caution signs.  Parking lots may be uneven or have dangerous potholes.  Stairwells or hallways may not be sufficiently lit for individuals to see their way.  A swimming pool may not be properly secured so that small children cannot enter, or a sign may not be posted stating that swimmers may be at risk, or that there is no lifeguard on duty.  Regardless of the situation, if you question whether you may have a claim it’s best to talk to a skilled slip and fall accident attorney in Scottsdale.

It is always advised that you speak with an experienced lawyer when you believe you have a claim, and never to trust the insurance company to offer you fair compensation.  In fact, you should consult with a competent slip and fall lawyer in Arizona before you speak with the insurance company.  Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, much more effectively than you could on your own.  If that fails, your lawyer will be ready and capable of taking your claim to court.

You deserve full compensation; as a victim, you will likely face substantial medical costs, pain and suffering, and possibly loss of wages if you cannot work because of your injuries.  A qualified Arizona slip and fall lawyer will work aggressively to ensure that you are fully compensated for the damages caused by negligent property owners.

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Securities Fraud Attorneys: The Strongest Advocates for Investors Who Have Lost Money

When you have been defrauded by a stockbroker or financial planner, an experienced securities fraud attorney may be the strongest advocate to protect your rights and represent your interests.  While you may not be certain of how much you’ve actually lost or whether you can recoup your losses, a skilled securities fraud lawyer will work to help determine just how much you have lost, and when it’s time to file a complaint.

While it may seem odd that you would not be certain just how much you have lost, many times an investor’s money is spread across numerous accounts.  Given the rise and fall of stock prices, accounting becomes a tricky and confused issue.  Your stockbroker or advisor may have pushed you into a stock that was not appropriate for your situation; the price climbs significantly, then fall.  Can you claim a loss from the time the stock was at its highest price?  Not necessarily, as it could look a bit suspicious during the arbitration process.  It’s likely you have many questions and worries, and don’t know where to turn for guidance and protection.  Only a qualified securities fraud attorney can offer the expertise and knowledge essential to reaching a good outcome.

What many investors don’t understand is that they do not have years to file a claim.  While you may have complained repeatedly to regulators, with little or no results.  Eventually, you determine that no matter how much you push or how hard you complain, you’re not making any progress toward getting your money back.  There are statute of limitations that apply, which essentially means the clock may begin ticking on the time you have to file a lawsuit.  Your securities fraud lawyer will help clarify all of this for you, so that you do not miss out on your opportunity to fight for your rights, whether through litigation or arbitration.

Unfortunately, many investors do not realized the underhanded tactics brokerage firms often use to avoid a lawsuit.  They will attempt to stall, telling you they need a clarification letter or using other excuses, hoping that before you make the effort to contact our securities fraud attorney Diane Nygaard regarding when the statute of limitations will expire.  As an investor who desired to build a nice nest egg for the future or simply save money for your children’s college or other future needs, you never thought you would become an investor who was “swindled,” so to speak – and now you are.  Don’t let unscrupulous brokers or financial advisors get away with it.  Contact a reputable and trusted securities fraud lawyer right away.

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