Westwego, Louisiana Construction Site Accident Leaves Worker Dead

A 55-year-old Alabama man was killed while working at a construction site in Westwego, Louisiana near Bayou Segnette State Park.  Johnnie Kennedy was operating a crane on the site when a piece of construction equipment fell on the crane, trapping him inside.  Rescue workers found his body and Kennedy was pronounced dead on the scene.

Sgt. Larry Dyess, a sheriff’s spokesman, stated that the accident occurred at about 5:30 p.m. on a job site located in the 7700 block of Westbank Expressway.  Kennedy was crushed inside of the crane.

Construction site accidents occur every day, and often result in serious injuries or even death.  While workers are aware of the dangers and should be extremely cautious, accidents still happen.  Fractures, spinal injuries, paralysis and head or brain injuries are common in construction site accidents.

Heavy equipment such as cranes, backhoes, tractors and lifts can be dangerous.  It is very common for construction workers to work at high levels on multi-story buildings, or to use ladders and scaffolding in their work.  Some accidents are the result of carelessness, others due to risks or dangers that should be addressed by management.

Sometimes employers choose to use equipment that is old or worn, which puts workers at further risk.  All equipment is subject to periodic maintenance and inspection according to rules and regulations, but employers sometimes ignore these rules.  Workers are often exposed to risks that are unnecessary on their jobs, which should not be the case.

Unfortunately, many of the fatalities that occur on job construction sites could be avoided if proper precautions were taken.

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