Types of California Personal Injury Cases

Types of California Personal Injury Cases

Being involved in a California personal injury accident can be a life-changing event. In many cases, victims’ lives are turned upside down and they have to learn how to live life a completely different way than they had grown accustomed to. During this readjustment process, many important decisions must be made so that no matter what happens, the victims and their families will be taken care of, but for the inexperienced this is much more complex than one might think.

Countless personal injuries occur in California on a daily basis, but only a comparatively small percentage of these warrant compensation. This is determined by who was deemed at fault for the accident, and whether or not the person at fault has the necessary resources to compensate the victim for his or her injuries. The types of personal injuries are categorized, and usually fall within one of a handful that are considered the most commonly compensated.

Common Types of California Personal Injury Cases

  1. Car AccidentsThe U.S. is host to approximately six million car accident every year. Of these six million, there are three million people who receive injuries, about two million of which are permanent, including paralysis, quadriplegia, and paraplegia.
  2. Auto DefectsIt is the responsibility of car manufacturers to make safe vehicles, free from defects and safety hazards that can injure vehicle occupants. When they fail to do so and it results in catastrophic injury, many victims pursue their right for compensation
  3. Wrongful DeathAfter a loved one has passed away at the fault of another it is not unusual for the family to file a wrongful death claim. Usually this is done by the surviving spouse and children. These survivors can file separately or jointly, depending on what is in their best interest for their particular case.
  4. Brain InjuryApproximately 1,000,000 people suffer from any number of head, spinal cord, and brain injuries in the United States every year. Although every serious head injury is difficult for loved ones to handle, one caused by the negligence of another party adds extra weight to a catastrophic event.
  5. Dog Bite InjuryCalifornia is ranked first in the nation in fatal dog attacks, which has resulted in a very high number of dog bite cases. Since children are most often the victims of serious dog bite attacks, victims and their families usually have a very difficult time coping with their injuries.

    California Personal Injury Attorneys
    If you or a loved one has suffered an injury and would like to pursue compensation, contact one of our experienced California personal injury attorneys for a free professional evaluation of your case by attorneys who have represented more than 6,000 clients since 1978.

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