Glass in Sandwich Could Cost McDonalds Over $600,000 in Damages

In August of 2010, a south suburban Chicago woman claimed she suffered severe and permanent oral injuries after biting in to a McChicken sandwich in which there were shards of glass.  Now, Vjollca Lecaj is suing the fast-food giant for over $600,000.  The lawsuit claims that the McDonald’s restaurant failed to properly inspect and maintain the cooking and processing equipment as well as the sandwich in order to avoid injury.

This lawsuit is being brought against both the franchise where the woman purchased the sandwich, and against McDonald’s corporation.  An over-heated coffee is suspected in the case; when it exploded, shards of glass could possibly have contaminated surrounding food items.

Another Illinois woman came forward after this incident, claiming that the same thing happened to her at the same McDonald’s, and that her doctor attributed intestinal injuries to the ingestion of the glass shards in her McChicken sandwich.

While it is hard to say if these claims are legitimate at this time, it is likely that investigations will take some time.  While you often think of product liability lawsuits being in reference to a faulty product or defective drugs, restaurants can also face these types of lawsuits if their products cause injury.  This may be a case of fraud, but only time will tell.  Lecaj is suing for pain and anguish as well as permanent and severe injuries.  The 12-count suit claims negligence and product liability.

The general manager of the McDonald’s restaurant located at 4817 W. 105th St. in Oak Lawn had no comment, and spokespeople for the McDonald’s Corporation were not available for comment when contact was attempted.

Every year, companies face product liability lawsuits for selling dangerous products that can cost them millions not only in payments of lawsuits filed against them, but due to reduced trust of consumers to buy their products.

Defective products come in every shape and size; from defective air bags in cars and seatbelt failures to defective household and consumer products, product liability costs companies millions.  An innocent person can be seriously injured or even killed due to design defects, improper safety devices or defects in the manufacturing of a product.

If you or a loved one have been injured because of a faulty or defective product or even unsafe prescription drugs, the Buffalo defective product lawyers at Brown Chiari are dedicated to protecting your rights and pursuing the justice and compensation you deserve.  If you experienced a Buffalo personal injury situation, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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