Ameriprise REIT Lawyers

Securities experts are investigating the claim that Ameriprise Financial Services, Incorporated may have said that Retail Properties of America (formerly known as Inland Western Real Estate Investment Trust) was a safe and low-risk investment. This is a misrepresentation, since before April 2012, Retail Properties of America was a public nontraded real estate investment trust. Although these can be attractive to investors, because of their high dividend, high-interest possibilities, they’re also inherently unstable and illiquid, meaning that investors who decide to invest in them may not have access to funds as they should.

The problem with possible securities fraud is that if Ameriprise brokers erroneously and fraudulently recommended Inland Western to investors despite the unsuitability and instability of the investment, and represented it instead as a safe and low-risk investment, this is an outright misrepresentation. What this means is that securities arbitration may allow clients to recover these losses with the help of Ameriprise REIT lawyers.

Investigating the recovery of your investment

The first step as you investigate the recovery of your investment is to contact a lawyer who is versed in securities fraud, and is particularly familiar with the Retail Properties of America case. Although Retail Properties of America is now a publicly traded New York Stock Exchange company and no longer a non-traded REIT, it was not at the time of this purported fraud. You have rights as an investor in this risky, illiquid venture, in that you deserved a fair representation of the risks involved in this type of investment, and didn’t get it. If that situation has now left you with the inability to access your investment, you need to contact a securities and investment fraud lawyer who can help you with your case.

How can a securities fraud lawyer help you?

Your lawyer will take a careful look at your case and determine whether or not misrepresentation was actually make that caused you to buy this investment. In other words, if you were told that investing in Inland Western Real Estate Investment Trust was a very good, low risk way to invest your money, you may have a case for fraud so that you can recoup what you invested. Again, remember that Ameriprise brokers may have fraudulently represented this investment as safe and low-risk in part because of the high commissions they received for doing so. Your securities fraud attorney will carefully look at your case; he or she has the expertise to represent you in recovering your money as one of the Ameriprise REIT lawyers available to consumers who need to recover their investment. Once your case is found to be a valid one, your lawyer will go to work for you and will help you recoup your losses.

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