Taking Advantage Of Legal Ways To Avoid Paying Taxes

My ex-husband’s grandpa was an amazing guy. He used to do taxes. He said we should all be grateful to pay taxes and live in such a great country. He was also a courier for the original Pony Express. One day a robber got into an elevator with him and tried to steal the satchel of money he was carrying. He wouldn’t give up the bag and the robber shot him. Luckily the bullet tore through the bag but missed him. (learn about Kansas city tax attorney Jeffrey Siegel)Where are people like that today? No one wants to pay taxes anymore, or support schools or libraries. The Tea Party fights any new taxes no matter what it might mean.

We all want to take advantage of every loophole we can find. The most egregious thing of all is that rich folks get deductions, loopholes and tax shelters that average Americans are not in a position to take benefit from. The rich hide their money in perfectly legal offshore accounts and find plenty of ways to reduce taxable income, to the point where (as Warren Buffet pointed out) billionaires pay less than their secretaries. In 2008, Mike Huckabee ran for president and touted a consumption tax that he called the FAIR tax. The Fair Tax gave credits to people with lower income, but most significantly eliminated nearly all deductions. Mike Huckabee promised it could get rid of the IRS. Oh, what a golden dream!

Now that I think of it, Warren Buffet is a lot like my ex’s grandpa.

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