Loopholes And Tax shelters Mitt Romney Used Legal But Immoral

I feel absolutely sure what Romney has done with his taxes is completely legal. He merely took full advantage of the immoral loopholes that Congress has established for him and other wealthy people who certainly do not need or deserve them.

I’m certain he did not evade taxes, or use illegal tax shelters—because he did not have to. But he knows how what he has paid, compared to what the vast majority of us pay, will look. He knows the offshore accounts and the loopholes are shameful. If you need to find a Kansas city tax lawyer, consider Siegel Tax Law

That’s why Harry Reid and others are trying to goad him into releasing more of his tax returns.

The rich hire armies of lobbyists to work for their interests. They contribute vast amounts of money to political campaigns—because it is well worth it. We have a sinister web of laws that favor the wealthy and powerful, and my question is: Don’t they ever have enough?

Most Americans know this is true but do not know the extent of it. Many of us avoid any real news, other than Fox News, because we don’t really want  to hear about it for good reason. It makes us feel hopeless and helpless to do anything about it.

Mitt Romney was happy to share many years of his tax returns with John  McCain when McCain was considering him as his presidential running mate.  After all, McCain is extremely wealthy himself. His wife is heir to a fortune, herself. The rich are a club and the members are very supportive of one another.

Not all the wealthy are greedy and selfish. Warren Buffet, the father of Bill Gates, and other wealthy folks have tried to influence congress to  make the tax code more equitable. But apparently, Mitt Romney is not a player on their team.

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