Why Hire a Fairfax DUI Attorney? A Few Compelling Reasons to Make the Right Choice

There are numerous reasons to hire a Fairfax DUI attorney when you have been arrested for driving under the influence.  Perhaps the most significant negative consequence to many who are arrested is the fact that they will have a permanent criminal record if convicted, which can affect many areas of life.  If you have been charged with this criminal offense, don’t assume that you must “pay the piper,” and that you have no choice.  Seasoned DUI lawyers in Fairfax will work to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Experienced attorneys know that police must have a valid reason to pull someone over for suspected DUI.  Upon being pulled over, an officer will usually observe the behavior of the driver, and whether he/she smells alcohol. Police often look through windows to see if they can see any open containers of alcohol.  At that point, if the officer still strongly suspects an individual is driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, he may administer breath/blood tests and field sobriety tests.  If the suspected individual fails either of these tests, he or she may be placed under arrest.

Skilled Fairfax DUI attorneys know that while most of the time an arrest is valid, police can make mistakes in the course of an arrest.  You may be completely innocent of the charges.  If you are guilty, you may believe there is nothing you can do about it.  Regardless of your innocence or guilty, it is critical that you consult with a lawyer who specializes in representing the rights of those charged with driving under the influence.  Why?

Your lawyer will challenge everything about your arrest, from why you were stopped to whether the administering and handling of breath/blood tests were done correctly.  Attorneys know how prosecutors work in cases involving DUI, and how to challenge the evidence.  If police performed a search without the proper warrant, the case may be thrown out of court.  Proper protocol must be adhered to in the course of a DUI stop and subsequent arrest.  If this is not the case, it often works to the benefit of the accused.

Your Fairfax DUI lawyer will work diligently to protect your rights and freedom. Some of the penalties you may face if convicted include jail time, steep fines, loss of your driving privileges and a criminal record.  Your auto insurance provider may deem it necessary to raise your insurance rates if they feel you are a risk.

Regardless of the circumstances, you must speak with a capable and aggressive DUI attorney in Fairfax to ensure your rights are protected, and that the best possible outcome is reached.  Put your freedom and future in the hands of a competent, experienced lawyer who will work hard to have you acquitted of the charges.

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