Securities Fraud Attorneys: The Strongest Advocates for Investors Who Have Lost Money

When you have been defrauded by a stockbroker or financial planner, an experienced securities fraud attorney may be the strongest advocate to protect your rights and represent your interests.  While you may not be certain of how much you’ve actually lost or whether you can recoup your losses, a skilled securities fraud lawyer will work to help determine just how much you have lost, and when it’s time to file a complaint.

While it may seem odd that you would not be certain just how much you have lost, many times an investor’s money is spread across numerous accounts.  Given the rise and fall of stock prices, accounting becomes a tricky and confused issue.  Your stockbroker or advisor may have pushed you into a stock that was not appropriate for your situation; the price climbs significantly, then fall.  Can you claim a loss from the time the stock was at its highest price?  Not necessarily, as it could look a bit suspicious during the arbitration process.  It’s likely you have many questions and worries, and don’t know where to turn for guidance and protection.  Only a qualified securities fraud attorney can offer the expertise and knowledge essential to reaching a good outcome.

What many investors don’t understand is that they do not have years to file a claim.  While you may have complained repeatedly to regulators, with little or no results.  Eventually, you determine that no matter how much you push or how hard you complain, you’re not making any progress toward getting your money back.  There are statute of limitations that apply, which essentially means the clock may begin ticking on the time you have to file a lawsuit.  Your securities fraud lawyer will help clarify all of this for you, so that you do not miss out on your opportunity to fight for your rights, whether through litigation or arbitration.

Unfortunately, many investors do not realized the underhanded tactics brokerage firms often use to avoid a lawsuit.  They will attempt to stall, telling you they need a clarification letter or using other excuses, hoping that before you make the effort to contact our securities fraud attorney Diane Nygaard regarding when the statute of limitations will expire.  As an investor who desired to build a nice nest egg for the future or simply save money for your children’s college or other future needs, you never thought you would become an investor who was “swindled,” so to speak – and now you are.  Don’t let unscrupulous brokers or financial advisors get away with it.  Contact a reputable and trusted securities fraud lawyer right away.

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