What Skilled Kansas City DWI Lawyers Want Those Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated to Know

Kansas City DWI lawyers know that there is far more to being arrested for driving while intoxicated than paying a small fine and receiving a slap on the wrist.  While that may have been the case in the 90s, not so today.  If you are convicted on charges of DWI, there are several penalties you may be facing, the harshness of the punishment depending on the circumstances.  In any case, whether you are innocent or guilty of the charges against you it is absolutely to your benefit to consult with a trusted Kansas City DWI attorney.

Even for a first offense, you may be sentenced to jail time and required to pay hefty fines.  Your license will be suspended, and there is limited time in which you can file an appeal to have it reinstated.  A repeat offender may have his/her vehicle confiscated, either for a determined period of time or permanently.  In order to get your vehicle back, you may be required to pay fines and administrative costs, which can be substantial.

Perhaps the most costly of all penalties is how a conviction for charges of driving while intoxicated will impact your reputation and career.  If convicted, you will have a criminal record.  Most employers frown on this, and may not hire individuals with a black mark on their records.  An experienced DWI attorney in Kansas City also knows that other extenuating circumstances may impact the consequences you face for DWI.  For example, if an accident occurs and someone is injured, penalties will be much more harsh – and you may find yourself facing additional charges.  If a gun is found in your possession, it will likely mean additional charges and enhanced punishment.

A conviction on charges of driving while intoxicated is serious.  Not only do you face possible jail time, loss of your driving privileges and hefty fines, your auto insurance rates may increase, and you may suffer damage to your reputation as well as social embarrassment.  Is it really worth the risk to attempt to represent yourself?  Kansas City DWI lawyers possess intense knowledge of the DWI laws, and in fact are usually more familiar with these laws than the police officer who arrested you.  An experienced attorney knows how to build a strong defense for his client, how to challenge evidence and how to question police officers regarding the arrest in order to uncover any illegal missteps that may have been taken.

Capable DWI attorneys in Kansas City want those who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated to know that you do have choices, and that you should not put your future and freedom at further risk by trying to defend yourself without proper legal representation.  An aggressive lawyer will work to have the charges against you reduced or even completely dismissed.

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