Why It’s Important to Have an Arlington Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer When a Minor Has Been Arrested

One of the most frightening times in a parent’s life is when a child has been arrested for a criminal offense.  Whether the offense is underage drinking, drug possession, gang crimes or something more serious, it’s critical to have an Arlington juvenile crime defense lawyer to handle the legalities, and to prevent incarceration or other harsh penalties when possible.

Arlington juvenile crime defense attorneys realize that teens are at an age when their minds and ability to reason are not fully developed.  They make mistakes, but often the punishment seems extremely harsh in comparison with the crime the minor is accused of.  A criminal record can impact a child’s life in a negative way forever.  The job of a skilled juvenile crime defense attorney in Arlington is to work improve the final outcome.  It is important that a juvenile has the opportunity to rehabilitate, rather than be severely punished.

It is never recommended that a parent attempt to represent his or her child.  This is a decision that could be very dangerous to the future and reputation of your child.  Arlington juvenile crime defense lawyers are experienced in criminal law, and understand the complexities of these types of cases.  Your attorney will be very familiar with the rules and regulations regarding when to file notices, procedures, meeting deadlines and other areas of the juvenile criminal justice system.

The fact is, kids make mistakes – and peer pressure is a leading factor in some of these mistakes.  Should your child be punished and his/her future ruined forever?  Whether your child is charged with a misdemeanor or felony, it is urgent that a skilled and compassionate Arlington juvenile crime defense attorney intervenes for the best possible outcome.

Will your child be placed in a juvenile detention center, or even serve jail time?  Will he or she remain living in your home, and be able to attend school?  No doubt you have plenty of questions, which is natural as a loving, concerned parent.  A competent Arlington juvenile crime defense lawyer will answer all of your questions, provide sound legal guidance and do everything possible to ensure that your child’s future is protected.

In some instances, such as in the case of serious felony charges, children older than 14 may face the same or similar consequences as an adult would if convicted of the same offense.  Your child may even be transferred from the juvenile system to a criminal court system, particularly if the offense is a sex crime or a life was lost in the course of events leading up to the arrest.

Regardless of how minor or major you feel the offense was that your child has been arrested for, never take matters into your own hands.  Consult with experienced, capable juvenile crime defense attorneys in Arlington for the best possible results.

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