Missouri Federal Criminal Cases Are Extremely Serious, Take Them Seriously!

Matthew O’Connor is a leading Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer with over 25 years of experience fighting for defendants rights.  Mr. O’Connor’s Law Firm (The O’Connor Law Firm) specializes in federal criminal defense cases.

He has represented everything from white collar crimes to robbery as well as more serious Kansas City drug charges.  If you are struggling with a criminal defense issue and need a leading criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City, contact The O’Connor Law Firm.

Matthew O’Connor has incredible reviews online and has had incredible success when many other attorneys thought the fight was pointless.  He has won incredible armed robbery cases, reducing past life in prison sentences to “time served” verdicts.  He has won incredible drug charges overturning the convictions.  He has an incredible track record, and that is why he is so well known (not only in Missouri, but also nationally).

Contact the O’Connor Law Firm to evaluate your case today!

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