Settlement Loans Provide Immediate Financial Relief to Injured Victims Who Need Cash Now

Injury victims often settle with the insurance company for a low-ball offer, simply because they desperately need the money to pay bills.  Pre-Settlement funding lawsuit loans provide immediate financial relief, so that you and your attorney can fight for full compensation instead of simply settling for what the insurance company offers. If you are unfamiliar with settlement funding, you will find the following information very enlightening.

With settlement loans, the funding company actually purchases a portion of your expected settlement.  That is, they advance those who qualify a certain percentage of the expected winnings, usually about 10%.  If you are approved, you can expect to have the money you need to pay past due bills, medical expenses, attorney fees and other costs within 24 hours.  This is a non-recourse process, which means that you only repay the settlement funding company if you are awarded a settlement.  In the event you do not win, you owe nothing.

There is no red tape such as you typically find with conventional bank loans.  With settlement loans, the funding company is only interested in how you became injured, as the company wants to ensure that yours is a strong case before a loan is granted.  You will never be asked about current or past employment, credit score or other personal information.  Once your lawyer submits the required documentation to the settlement funding company, it is reviewed quickly for approval.  Essentially, you can get the money you need right away, without waiting for days or weeks.

Insurance companies get in no hurry to pay out claims; personal injury lawsuits usually take weeks or even months to complete.  Meanwhile, it is getting harder and harder to pay your bills, due to added medical costs related to your injuries, lost income and other factors.  Even though you are injured and in pain, life goes on – and creditors want their money.  Settlement loans make it possible for you to pay your bills and live without the fear of financial catastrophe while your attorney fights for the full compensation you deserve.

You don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses, monthly payments or anything that will further add to your financial burden with settlement loans.  You simply repay the funding company when you receive your settlement, plus a small fee and interest.  Should yours be a structured settlement, you can simply repay the advance using the payments you receive.

Instead of simply taking whatever the insurance company offers you, why not fight for the full compensation you deserve?  Settlement loans help level the playing field against insurance companies.  Your attorney will have the time and resources to build a strong case, while you have the money to pay bills and keep the wolves off the door.  Settlement funding isn’t for everyone, but your attorney can help determine if it would be the answer to your financial needs.

Settlement Loans – What Litigation Funding is and How It Works

Although the term implies it is a loan, settlement loans are actually cash advances given to injured victims who are awaiting settlement and qualify.  Another term for the process, litigation funding, is just what it sounds like – funding for your lawsuit, so that you can live as you normally would and pay your bills while waiting for your case to reach completion.

As an injured victim, you may already realize the financial impact your injuries are having on your live, especially if you cannot work.  Between the medical expenses, lost income, paying the normal monthly bills and buying groceries, you may be going broke.  Personal injury lawsuits commonly take months or even longer to settle; in the meantime, how can you avoid bankruptcy and meet your financial obligations?  Settlement loans are the ideal solution for many who find themselves in this situation.

Settlement loans are easy to qualify for, as long as you have a solid claim.  The litigation funding company will never ask you for information regarding your credit score, past or current employment or other personal data.  All they are interested in are the circumstances surrounding the accident that caused your injuries, and how serious your injuries are.  When the funding company feels strongly that your case will win and knows your attorney supports your claim, you’re likely to qualify for a loan. Learn more about Pre-settlement funding here.

The loan is basically an advance against the money you expect to win in a lawsuit, or through settlement with the defendant’s insurance company.  In most cases, you can expect to receive about 10% of your settlement in advance if you are approved.  While this may not sound like a great deal, several thousand dollars can go a long way toward paying the bills and keeping your head above water.

If you do qualify, you will get your money very quickly.  In most cases, those who are approved for settlement loans get their money within 24 hours, and the process is quick and easy.  You and your attorney will sign off on the application which only asks about the information mentioned above regarding your accident and injuries.  In addition, you only repay the loan when you actually receive your settlement or jury award, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses to add to your financial worries.  If you do not win, you do not repay the funding company – it’s that simple.

You can find out more about settlement loans online, or have your lawyer briefly explain how it works.  Pay your bills, live comfortably and put the stress of worrying about how you can meet your financial obligations aside with litigation funding.

Pre-Settlement Funding – Immediate Cash for Personal Injury Victims

Frequently, victims injured because of negligence settle quickly with the insurance company due to immediate financial issues.  Pre-settlement funding helps you avoid this, as you have the funds to pay your bills and allow your attorney the time to fight for the full compensation you deserve in a personal injury lawsuit.  Essentially, litigation funding is a cash advance against a pending settlement which is given to applicants who qualify.  It is your money, why not have access to it now?

As long as you have a strong case it’s likely you will qualify for a Mayfield pre-settlement funding account.  You may have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident, because of a dog bite or medical negligence, even due to a defective product or slip and fall accident.  Any type of personal injury (injury caused by the negligence of another party) is grounds for litigation financing, as long as your case isn’t frivolous.  Unlike other types of loans, qualifying is a quick and simple process that requires only information related to the accident that left you injured, and your injuries.  Credit standing, employment status and other background information is a non-issue with pre-settlement funding.

Medical costs today continue to soar; you may be unable to continue working for the short- or long-term due to your injuries.  It isn’t long before you have trouble meeting your financial obligations, including medical bills and normal household expenses.  Pre-settlement funding allows those who qualify to get the money you need immediately, usually within 24 hours.  In addition, you only repay the advance if you do in fact win your lawsuit, along with minimal fees and interest.

How do you repay the advance?  There are no monthly payments to worry about.  You will repay the litigation funding company at the time you receive your settlement, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses to make your financial situation even worse than it is.  If for any reason you do not win your lawsuit and are not awarded a settlement, you owe absolutely nothing.  It’s a no risk way to get the money you desperately need, now.

Pre-settlement funding gives you the money to pay your medical and household bills, and the financial resources to help your lawyer build a strong case on your behalf.  Personal injury cases often take months to settle, or even longer.  Through litigation funding, you can pay your bills and live without financial stress while your lawyer fights for the full compensation you are entitled to from those who caused your injuries.

Don’t live under pressure from your creditors or fear of bankruptcy, and don’t settle with the insurance company for a low-ball offer.  Ask your attorney about the advantages of pre-settlement funding, and whether it may be a good option for you.

Pre-Settlement Funding Offers Immediate Access to Your Money Now, Before Settlement

If you’ve been injured and are involved in a lawsuit, you may be finding that the expenses far outweigh your financial resources.  Lawsuits are expensive; you may be unable to work due to your injuries, and the medical expenses are through the roof.  Pre-settlement funding allows those who qualify to get a portion of their expected settlement now, when you need it most.  Settling for what the insurance company offers is not advised, as most only offer a fraction of what you are entitled to.  Litigation funding lets you pay your bills and live comfortably, allowing your attorney to fight a strong legal battle on your behalf.  How does pre-settlement funding work?

The majority of the work is handled between your attorney and the litigation financing company.  An application is submitted regarding the details of your lawsuit, the accident, and your resulting injuries.  You and your attorney will sign off on the application, then submit for approval, which generally takes 24 hours or less.  If approved, you will receive your money immediately, often the same day.  With pre-settlement funding, you will not be asked for information regarding your employment status, credit rating, or about any other personal information.

You are at no risk with this process, because it is non-recourse.  This simply means that you only repay the funding company if you do win your lawsuit and are awarded a settlement.  If you do not win, you do not repay the advance.  It’s as simple as that.

In addition, there are no upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses to worry about.  At the time you repay the advance after receiving your settlement, you will pay a small fee and interest.  Again, if you do not receive a settlement, you owe nothing – no fees, interest, etc.  Pre-settlement funding is the quickest way to get money you need immediately, without putting yourself at risk financially.  The money can be used to pay household bills, medical expenses, attorney costs and more.

There is no collateral involved with pre-settlement funding; in effect, your pending settlement is your guarantee of the loan.  Litigation funding companies only approve solid lawsuits that are likely to be won, so they feel comfortable they will be repaid before approving the advance.  Frivolous lawsuits will not be considered for a loan.

Is pre-settlement funding something you and your lawyer should consider so that you can have the money you need to live until the time your lawsuit settles?  Only you and your attorney can determine the answer, but it is definitely worth discussing.  Learn more online, and talk to your lawyer right away.  You do not have to live on a shoestring while awaiting your settlement – qualifying is easy.

Pre-Settlement Funding – Pay the Bills and Enjoy Peace of Mind While Awaiting Settlement

When you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence and are awaiting settlement, you may find it’s hard to pay the bills.  Pre-settlement funding makes it possible for you to meet your financial obligations and enjoy peace of mind while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.  Litigation financing, while it may sound complex, is simply a process of obtaining an advance against your anticipated settlement.  It’s your money, and you need it right now; if approved, you can get it within 24 hours!

How much of an advance can you expect with pre-settlement funding if you qualify?  Most funding companies give clients approximately 10% of their expected settlement.  Even if your claim is only valued at $50,000, you can still get about $5,000 if approved.  This would go a long way toward paying those household bills, medical expenses and other costs.  Essentially, you want to make ends meet until your lawsuit reaches completion. With litigation financing, you won’t have to worry about creditors harassing you, or even potential bankruptcy.

How do you know if you will qualify for pre-settlement funding?  Basically, if you have a strong case it’s likely you will be approved.  Because most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis today, they will not take a client whose case is considered weak or frivolous, simply because they do not get paid unless the lawsuit is won.  If your claim is valid and solid enough that a lawyer will represent you in court, it’s likely that you will qualify for an advance.

Your attorney will submit the necessary information to the litigation financing company so that they can determine if you qualify.  The information required pertains only to the circumstances surrounding your injuries (car accident, defective product, medical malpractice, etc.) and your injuries themselves.  You will never be asked for personal information such as job status or credit rating.  Funding companies simply want to know that you have a strong, viable claim.

With pre-settlement funding, you will never have to pay any fees or payments out of your own pocket.  You only repay the advance along with any fees or interest at the time you have your settlement money.  If you do not win, you do not repay the loan, or any fees or interest because the process is non-recourse.

Paying the utility bills, buying groceries and providing the fees your attorney needs to fight vigorously on your behalf is now possible with pre-settlement funding.  Speak to your lawyer about litigation financing, and rest at ease while waiting for your lawsuit to complete!

Lawsuit Loans, a Solution for Injury Victims Who Need Immediate Financial Relief

Anyone who has been seriously injured because of another party’s negligence knows the financial problems that can arise.  Lawsuit loans help you get through during the time you are injured and receive settlement from the insurance company or through a jury award, so that you can pay your bills and live comfortably.  If you are not familiar with what litigation funding is and how it works, this article will simplify things for you.

Most people never think of how their injuries will affect them overall, other than the medical costs.  Certainly you will have substantial medical expenses, but if you cannot work your income will be reduced as well.  Eventually it becomes hard to pay the household bills or mortgage; lawsuit loans help ease the financial stress over the time it can take to get your settlement or jury award, which is often months or even longer.

Will you qualify?  If your claim is a strong one, most likely you will qualify.  Litigation funding companies usually only refuse cases they deem as frivolous.  If you sustained serious injuries that were more than simple bruising or sprains, lawsuit loans are probably a good solution for your situation.  You never have to worry about your credit rating or current employment status, as funding companies do not consider this information when determining if you qualify.  All you will be asked for is information regarding the accident, and the injuries you suffered because of the accident.

Will you have to spend money out of your own pocket?  With lawsuit loans, you never pay any fees upfront, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with fees, payments or other money you simply do not have. You will only repay the loan, along with a small amount of interest and fees, at the time you are awarded your settlement.  If for any reason you do not get the settlement or jury award you expected, you owe nothing because the process is non-recourse.

How much of an advance can you expect?  Because Mayfield lawsuit loans are simply an advance against your pending settlement, most litigation funding companies are happy to advance about 10% to those who qualify.  So, if you expect your settlement or jury award to be $100,000 your advance will likely be approximately $10,000.  This money can be used to pay hospital and doctor bills, attorney fees, to buy groceries or pay household bills.

Why face possible bankruptcy or foreclosure when you are the one who was injured because of someone else’s carelessness?  Speak with your lawyer about the advantages of lawsuit loans, and whether this is a good solution for your situation.

Pre-Settlement Funding Makes it Possible to Get Cash Immediately for Those Who Qualify

When you or a family member have suffered injuries due to negligence, waiting for months while involved in a personal injury lawsuit can be difficult from a financial standpoint.  Pre-settlement funding can help with household bills, medical costs, and other expenses while you are waiting for the weeks or months it may take your lawsuit to reach settlement.

There are many more costs associated with being injured than most people realize.  Not only are the fees charged by hospitals and doctors astronomical today, you may also be unable to work; time spent in court can affect your income.  Soon, you find that the thought of settling with the responsible party for less than you deserve looks  more attractive all the time.  With pre-settlement funding, those who qualify can avoid settling for a fraction of the compensation they are entitled to.

What is pre-settlement funding?

Also referred to as litigation financing, this is a process in which those who qualify may get an advance, usually about 10%, of the settlement they expect to win.  This money is available almost immediately if you qualify, so you can pay household bills, buy groceries, and meet other financial obligations.

Not a loan, litigation funding requires no collateral; the only factor which determines if you qualify is whether you have a strong case.  The funding company will want the details of your injuries and how they occurred (car accident, defective product, nursing home neglect, etc.) in order to determine if your case is strong and will likely win in court.  Your attorney will provide the necessary information, which will not include personal information such as your credit history, employment status, etc.

One huge advantage for personal injury plaintiffs with pre-settlement funding is that the process is non-recourse.  This means that you only repay the advance to the funding company if you do win your lawsuit; if you do not, you owe absolutely nothing – no fees, no interest, etc.

There are also no out-of-pockets costs or upfront fees, so you never have to worry about spending money you do not have, which would only worsen your financial situation.

Unfortunately, many injury victims are forced to settle with defendants and their insurance company for far less in damages than they deserve.  This can lead to financial disaster; however, for some it seems the only choice is to settle, as personal injury lawsuits are widely known for lasting months or even longer.

Pre-settlement funding is a process you should speak with your lawyer about today.  If approved, the cash advance you receive will make it possible for you to live comfortably and pay your bills while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

An Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Clients from Serious Consequences

Should you consult with an Arlington criminal defense attorney regardless of whether you have been arrested for a seemingly minor crime, or something more serious such as robbery or assault?  Absolutely.  Even when an individual is charged with an offense such as DUI or reckless driving, the penalties can be extremely serious, often ruining their reputation and/or career.  Jail or prison time, substantial fines, driver’s license suspension and a criminal records are just a few of the penalties individuals may face as the result of an arrest and conviction.

Naturally, the more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment.  Some offenses result in years or even life in prison, along with tens of thousands of dollars in fines.  An experienced Arlington criminal defense lawyer knows how to protect those accused from serious punishment.  In many cases, a capable attorney can have the charges against his or her client dismissed or reduced.  Ultimately, this means that the person convicted of a crime may spend less time behind bars, or perhaps be placed on probation rather than put in prison.

While it may not seem like it, the law is actually on the side of those accused of a crime.  You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Prosecutors have their work cut out for them, and must prove your guilt through strong evidence, eyewitness testimony or other means.  The job of an Arlington criminal defense attorney is to dispute the evidence, find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, and build a strong defense strategy to protect his client’s legal rights.

There are times when it is apparent that having the charge dismissed is not possible. When this is the case, your criminal defense lawyer in Arlington may work out a plea agreement in which you can plead to a lesser charge, thereby reducing the severity of the penalties.  Your attorney will explore all of your legal options in order to reach an outcome that is the best possible in your situation.

Regardless of the seriousness of the situation, your lawyer will work with you to determine the best possible defense strategy.  Arlington criminal defense attorneys know that mistakes are often made by police in investigating crimes, such as improper search, not obtaining a warrant, etc.  Whether you are guilty or innocent of the charge against you, your lawyer will work diligently to protect your freedom and reputation.  Without capable legal counsel, you will likely face the worst possible consequences.