Arrest Made in Arlington 7-Eleven Robbery

On August 10, 2015, police arrested 25-year-old Richard William Shelton for a robbery at the 7-Eleven on South Carlin Springs. Shelton and two juveniles entered the store at 11:30 PM on the evening of August 10 and stole alcohol. A clerk confronted them and they fled. Shelton, of Arlington, was arrested and charged for the robbery and with six charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors. The juveniles were released to their parents’ custody.

Being charged with robbery is no small matter – even if you’re a juvenile

While the young people above were released to the custody of their parents, robbery is no small charge, even if you are a juvenile. Virginia weighs five elements when it charges someone with the criminal offense of robbery. First is the criminal intent to steal. Second, it must be shown that some type of property was taken during the prime. In the above circumstance, for example, that property was alcohol. Third, the property must be taken from another person, and fourth, it must be taken against the owner’s wishes. Fifth and finally, it must be shown that the property was taken with intimidation, threat of violence, or other threat of serious harm. The sentence for armed robbery depends upon the severity of the crime, whether or not deadly force or bodily harm was threatened or used, and whether or not the person being charged has other crimes on his or her record.

You must hire an experienced Arlington attorney to assist you if you’ve been charged with robbery

Even if this is your first offense – especially if this is your first offense – you must hire an experienced Arlington attorney to assist you if you’ve been charged with robbery. Your attorney can help you:

Deal with law enforcement

It’s very true that you could find yourself being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing when you deal with law enforcement. When you hire an Arlington criminal defense attorney right away, she’ll help you work with law enforcement. Instead of doing interviews with law enforcement alone, for example, your attorney will manage how the interviews are done and will accompany you to them as necessary, so that your rights are protected at all times. – Tuomey Law Firm Arlington, TX

Represent you in court expertly and professionally

If your case does go to trial, your attorney will represent you expertly and professionally so that if you are innocent, you have your best chance of acquittal. If guilty, your attorney may work with the prosecutor to provide you with an appropriate and fair plea-bargain.

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