Arizona Slip and Fall Attorneys Work to Hold Negligent Property Owners Accountable for Victims’ Injuries

Arizona slip and fall attorneys know that property owners are required to maintain their properties within reason, making them safe for anyone who may be on the property.  This is law; when a property owner fails to meet these requirements and someone is injured, that property owner may be held liable.  If you have sustained an injury after slipping, tripping or falling on what you consider dangerous property, consult with an Arizona slip and fall lawyer who can determine if you do have a claim and if so, provide you with effective legal representation.

Is there ever an instance in which a property owner may not be held liable if you were to slip and fall?  Yes.  If a condition exists in which the owner had no way of knowing it was dangerous, or no one had ever fallen and sustained an injury before, that property owner may not be found at fault.  Sometimes there are hidden impediments that a property owner may not be aware of.  However, when the property owner knows a dangerous condition exists and takes no action to correct the problem or alert those who will be on the grounds, they may be held responsible for costs related to a victim’s injuries.

There are literally hundreds of circumstances in which a property may put people in danger or at risk.  For instance, a floor that has been freshly mopped or polished in a supermarket may be a risk, particularly if management does not put out caution signs.  Parking lots may be uneven or have dangerous potholes.  Stairwells or hallways may not be sufficiently lit for individuals to see their way.  A swimming pool may not be properly secured so that small children cannot enter, or a sign may not be posted stating that swimmers may be at risk, or that there is no lifeguard on duty.  Regardless of the situation, if you question whether you may have a claim it’s best to talk to a skilled slip and fall accident attorney.

It is always advised that you speak with an experienced lawyer when you believe you have a claim, and never to trust the insurance company to offer you fair compensation.  In fact, you should consult with a competent slip and fall lawyer in Arizona before you speak with the insurance company.  Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, much more effectively than you could on your own.  If that fails, your lawyer will be ready and capable of taking your claim to court.

You deserve full compensation; as a victim, you will likely face substantial medical costs, pain and suffering, and possibly loss of wages if you cannot work because of your injuries.  A qualified Arizona slip and fall lawyer will work aggressively to ensure that you are fully compensated for the damages caused by negligent property owners.

Pre-Settlement Funding Makes it Possible to Get Cash Immediately for Those Who Qualify

When you or a family member have suffered injuries due to negligence, waiting for months while involved in a personal injury lawsuit can be difficult from a financial standpoint.  Pre-settlement funding can help with household bills, medical costs, and other expenses while you are waiting for the weeks or months it may take your lawsuit to reach settlement.

There are many more costs associated with being injured than most people realize.  Not only are the fees charged by hospitals and doctors astronomical today, you may also be unable to work; time spent in court can affect your income.  Soon, you find that the thought of settling with the responsible party for less than you deserve looks  more attractive all the time.  With pre-settlement funding, those who qualify can avoid settling for a fraction of the compensation they are entitled to.

What is pre-settlement funding?

Also referred to as litigation financing, this is a process in which those who qualify may get an advance, usually about 10%, of the settlement they expect to win.  This money is available almost immediately if you qualify, so you can pay household bills, buy groceries, and meet other financial obligations.

Not a loan, litigation funding requires no collateral; the only factor which determines if you qualify is whether you have a strong case.  The funding company will want the details of your injuries and how they occurred (car accident, defective product, nursing home neglect, etc.) in order to determine if your case is strong and will likely win in court.  Your attorney will provide the necessary information, which will not include personal information such as your credit history, employment status, etc.

One huge advantage for personal injury plaintiffs with pre-settlement funding is that the process is non-recourse.  This means that you only repay the advance to the funding company if you do win your lawsuit; if you do not, you owe absolutely nothing – no fees, no interest, etc.

There are also no out-of-pockets costs or upfront fees, so you never have to worry about spending money you do not have, which would only worsen your financial situation.

Unfortunately, many injury victims are forced to settle with defendants and their insurance company for far less in damages than they deserve.  This can lead to financial disaster; however, for some it seems the only choice is to settle, as personal injury lawsuits are widely known for lasting months or even longer.

Pre-settlement funding is a process you should speak with your lawyer about today.  If approved, the cash advance you receive will make it possible for you to live comfortably and pay your bills while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

An Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Clients from Serious Consequences

Should you consult with an Arlington criminal defense attorney regardless of whether you have been arrested for a seemingly minor crime, or something more serious such as robbery or assault?  Absolutely.  Even when an individual is charged with an offense such as DUI or reckless driving, the penalties can be extremely serious, often ruining their reputation and/or career.  Jail or prison time, substantial fines, driver’s license suspension and a criminal records are just a few of the penalties individuals may face as the result of an arrest and conviction.

Naturally, the more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment.  Some offenses result in years or even life in prison, along with tens of thousands of dollars in fines.  An experienced Arlington criminal defense lawyer knows how to protect those accused from serious punishment.  In many cases, a capable attorney can have the charges against his or her client dismissed or reduced.  Ultimately, this means that the person convicted of a crime may spend less time behind bars, or perhaps be placed on probation rather than put in prison.

While it may not seem like it, the law is actually on the side of those accused of a crime.  You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Prosecutors have their work cut out for them, and must prove your guilt through strong evidence, eyewitness testimony or other means.  The job of an Arlington criminal defense attorney is to dispute the evidence, find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, and build a strong defense strategy to protect his client’s legal rights.

There are times when it is apparent that having the charge dismissed is not possible. When this is the case, your criminal defense lawyer in Arlington may work out a plea agreement in which you can plead to a lesser charge, thereby reducing the severity of the penalties.  Your attorney will explore all of your legal options in order to reach an outcome that is the best possible in your situation.

Regardless of the seriousness of the situation, your lawyer will work with you to determine the best possible defense strategy.  Arlington criminal defense attorneys know that mistakes are often made by police in investigating crimes, such as improper search, not obtaining a warrant, etc.  Whether you are guilty or innocent of the charge against you, your lawyer will work diligently to protect your freedom and reputation.  Without capable legal counsel, you will likely face the worst possible consequences.

Consult With a Skilled Kansas City DUI Attorney, Even When You’re Guilty

Many people assume that if they have been charged with driving under the influence, the only reason they should hire a Kansas City DUI attorney is if they want to get the case dismissed.  This is absolutely wrong; pleading guilty without consulting with a lawyer is a mistake, for several reasons.

Even though you realize you “messed up,” legally you are innocent until proven guilty.  The charges against you must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, which isn’t always easy.  Police often make mistakes when arresting an individual for driving under the influence – and those mistakes may be used to your advantage.  An officer may pull you over without reasonable suspicion, which is against the law.  Breath and blood tests to determine whether you were intoxicated and to measure your blood alcohol content are not always performed correctly, handled properly, or the results may be skewed.  This is just one example of why you should consult with a talented DUI lawyer in Kansas City before pleading guilty.

Another reason you should never plead guilty without first consulting an attorney is sentencing.  If you plead guilty, you will be convicted and subsequently sentenced.  A judge has discretion when handing out your sentence, and can choose to go with a lighter sentence, or the harshest penalties that are legal for the offense you are accused of.  He or she will often consider any aggravating or mitigating factors, which are generally learned from your attorney and that state’s.  Without legal counsel on your side, you may very well say something that while you believe will help your situation, will actually make it worse.

Even when you are guilty of DUI, it’s often far more desirable to have the judge determine that you should get an opportunity to rehabilitate rather than be put behind bars.  A conviction for a DUI can mean not only jail time, but fines, loss of your driving privileges, a criminal record, and increased insurance rates.  If it is your second, third, or even fourth offense, penalties will be far more severe.  It is important that regardless of your innocence or guilt, you obtain the skill and experience of a reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer.

The old adage “you do the crime, you serve the time” simply is not true.  In our country, even those charged with the most heinous of crimes have a right to legal representation, and an opportunity to protect their legal rights.  If you have been charged with DUI and are guilty, don’t make any moves you will regret later.  Consult with an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney who will work to keep you out of jail, and protect your from what could be serious consequences.

Pre-settlement Funding Can Help You Pay for Expenses While You Wait for Your Case to Settle

If you’re the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit and your case has been taken on contingency by a personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to necessarily wait for your lawsuit to settle or be decided by a jury to make use of your settlement funds. Instead, you can use a type of litigation financing called pre-settlement funding to access some of that money now, before your case settles.

This is especially useful if, for example, your injuries have meant that you’re not able to work so that the bills are piling up. Medical expenses, too, may be increasing as you continue with your rehabilitation after your injury. It can be difficult to make ends meet, but pre-settlement funding can help take care of those expenses so that you can relax and focus on recovering from your injuries.

How does pre-settlement funding work?

This type of litigation financing is a loan, but it’s not the same kind of loan you might normally think of. With regular loans, you have to go to a lender, have your financial background and income scrutinized extensively, and in essence prove that you are worthy of this loan. Then, you have to pay back that loan with interest if you’re approved.

Pre-settlement funding isn’t like that. With pre-settlement funding, you have to have a personal injury case that’s legitimate, meaning that it’s not frivolous, and you have to have a personal injury lawyer that you’ve hired on contingency representing you in your case. Your lawyer must also agree that applying for this type of litigation funding is suitable. If your lawyer doesn’t agree that you should, you won’t qualify for this type of loan.

If your lawyer agrees that it’s a good idea, you can apply for the loan. Once you apply, the company you choose to handle this type of loan for you will carefully review your application and then grant you what is usually about 10% of your expected award or settlement. If you win your case, you’ll be expected to pay back what you’ve borrowed, plus fees and interest.

If you lose, though, this is where this type of litigation funding is especially helpful. Unlike traditional loans, you don’t have to pay this loan back if you lose your case. Instead, you simply walk away without any further responsibilities, able to move on with your life unencumbered.  Ask your attorney about pre-settlement funding today, and whether it’s a suitable option in your situation.

Arrest Made in Arlington 7-Eleven Robbery

On August 10, 2015, police arrested 25-year-old Richard William Shelton for a robbery at the 7-Eleven on South Carlin Springs. Shelton and two juveniles entered the store at 11:30 PM on the evening of August 10 and stole alcohol. A clerk confronted them and they fled. Shelton, of Arlington, was arrested and charged for the robbery and with six charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors. The juveniles were released to their parents’ custody.

Being charged with robbery is no small matter – even if you’re a juvenile

While the young people above were released to the custody of their parents, robbery is no small charge, even if you are a juvenile. Virginia weighs five elements when it charges someone with the criminal offense of robbery. First is the criminal intent to steal. Second, it must be shown that some type of property was taken during the prime. In the above circumstance, for example, that property was alcohol. Third, the property must be taken from another person, and fourth, it must be taken against the owner’s wishes. Fifth and finally, it must be shown that the property was taken with intimidation, threat of violence, or other threat of serious harm. The sentence for armed robbery depends upon the severity of the crime, whether or not deadly force or bodily harm was threatened or used, and whether or not the person being charged has other crimes on his or her record.

You must hire an experienced Arlington attorney to assist you if you’ve been charged with robbery

Even if this is your first offense – especially if this is your first offense – you must hire an experienced Arlington attorney to assist you if you’ve been charged with robbery. Your attorney can help you:

Deal with law enforcement

It’s very true that you could find yourself being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing when you deal with law enforcement. When you hire an Arlington criminal defense attorney right away, she’ll help you work with law enforcement. Instead of doing interviews with law enforcement alone, for example, your attorney will manage how the interviews are done and will accompany you to them as necessary, so that your rights are protected at all times. – Tuomey Law Firm Arlington, TX

Represent you in court expertly and professionally

If your case does go to trial, your attorney will represent you expertly and professionally so that if you are innocent, you have your best chance of acquittal. If guilty, your attorney may work with the prosecutor to provide you with an appropriate and fair plea-bargain.

Man Arrested on Multiple Drug Possession Charges in Vienna, Virginia

A Vienna, Virginia man was arrested on June 18 of this year at an Outback Steakhouse restaurant after he was found unconscious on the bathroom floor by another customer. The customer stated that the man had a shoelace wrapped around his arm and that there was a needle lying on the floor right next to him.

After the man regained consciousness, he attempted to flee just as police were arriving.

He was ultimately arrested in front of a Giant Food grocery store; he subsequently told officers that he had been having fainting spells, and that he wished to be transported to the hospital. Once released, he was arrested for heroin and amphetamine methamphetamines, both schedule I and schedule II controlled substances. He was released on signature thereafter.

Hire a good Alexandria attorney if you’ve been charged with drug possession

Drug possession charges are serious matters. If you’re facing charges of drug possession especially for controlled substances like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroine, or ecstasy, all of which are “Schedule 1″ or “Schedule II” drugs, this is especially important. At present, marijuana is also included as a Schedule 1 drug in Virginia, with simple possession a misdemeanor that could result in 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, and the mandatory loss of driver’s license for six months. Drug possession convictions for even “lesser” drugs like marijuana can haunt you and make it difficult to find a job even years after the conviction.

It’s important to hire an experienced Alexandria defense lawyer if you’ve been charged with any sort of drug possession, even with a first offense. If you’re not guilty, your attorney will work to get the charges dismissed altogether. It may be that you were simply with someone who had marijuana on him or her, in a vehicle, etc., and that you had nothing to do with possession at all. It is imperative that you and your attorney work together to make sure those charges are dismissed so that what could be a major impediment will simply be an unpleasant memory that will quickly fade.

If you are guilty, don’t forget that you still have rights. Your Alexandria attorney will represent you fairly and professionally in court so that you are given due process. Your attorney may work out a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney so that you can avoid a trial and face reduced charges if they must indeed occur.

The Tuomey Law firm is a talented law firm specializing in Alexandria and Arlington, VA criminal defense.

Missouri Federal Criminal Cases Are Extremely Serious, Take Them Seriously!

Matthew O’Connor is a leading Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer with over 25 years of experience fighting for defendants rights.  Mr. O’Connor’s Law Firm (The O’Connor Law Firm) specializes in federal criminal defense cases.

He has represented everything from white collar crimes to robbery as well as more serious Kansas City drug charges.  If you are struggling with a criminal defense issue and need a leading criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City, contact The O’Connor Law Firm.

Matthew O’Connor has incredible reviews online and has had incredible success when many other attorneys thought the fight was pointless.  He has won incredible armed robbery cases, reducing past life in prison sentences to “time served” verdicts.  He has won incredible drug charges overturning the convictions.  He has an incredible track record, and that is why he is so well known (not only in Missouri, but also nationally).

Contact the O’Connor Law Firm to evaluate your case today!

What Are Settlement Loans, And How Can They Help My Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in a personal injury case and are finding yourself in need of cash prior to closing out your lawsuit, this is often times referred to as a Settlement Loan.  Settlement Loans are not technically loans, because there is no credit check, no income verification and no need to repay your pre-settlement funding if you don’t win your case.

So Tell Me More About Settlement Loans For Personal Injury Cases

Ok, so if you were unfortunately injured in some sort of personal injury claim; you now find yourself running low on cash.  This can often times happen if you have had large medical bills or lost wages or other income due to the injury.

Settlement Loans will allow you to get money against your lawsuit, and to obtain it quickly.  They are extremely low hassle and extremely fast and qualification is simple.  Typically Mayfield Settlement Loans can get you money within 24 hours of you contacting them which is incredibly fast in this industry.

Why Should I choose Mayfield Settlement Funding?

The reasons are simple, Mayfield is EXTREMELY fast.  They also are self funding their clients financing so there are no unnecessary delays to get the money you want and need.  The staff is friendly and there to answer any questions that you may have.

How can I get the money as fast as possible?

Mayfield Settlement Funding prefers you call our offices as soon as you can if you need to get the money fast.  Please call one of their friendly associates to take your application and get right back to you on approval.  This will allow the process to go as smooth as possible.  Call them at 18888008400

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