Missouri Federal Criminal Cases Are Extremely Serious, Take Them Seriously!

Matthew O’Connor is a leading Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer with over 25 years of experience fighting for defendants rights.  Mr. O’Connor’s Law Firm (The O’Connor Law Firm) specializes in federal criminal defense cases.

He has represented everything from white collar crimes to robbery as well as more serious Kansas City drug charges.  If you are struggling with a criminal defense issue and need a leading criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City, contact The O’Connor Law Firm.

Matthew O’Connor has incredible reviews online and has had incredible success when many other attorneys thought the fight was pointless.  He has won incredible armed robbery cases, reducing past life in prison sentences to “time served” verdicts.  He has won incredible drug charges overturning the convictions.  He has an incredible track record, and that is why he is so well known (not only in Missouri, but also nationally).

Contact the O’Connor Law Firm to evaluate your case today!

What Are Settlement Loans, And How Can They Help My Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in a personal injury case and are finding yourself in need of cash prior to closing out your lawsuit, this is often times referred to as a Settlement Loan.  Settlement Loans are not technically loans, because there is no credit check, no income verification and no need to repay your pre-settlement funding if you don’t win your case.

So Tell Me More About Settlement Loans For Personal Injury Cases

Ok, so if you were unfortunately injured in some sort of personal injury claim; you now find yourself running low on cash.  This can often times happen if you have had large medical bills or lost wages or other income due to the injury.

Settlement Loans will allow you to get money against your lawsuit, and to obtain it quickly.  They are extremely low hassle and extremely fast and qualification is simple.  Typically Mayfield Settlement Loans can get you money within 24 hours of you contacting them which is incredibly fast in this industry.

Why Should I choose Mayfield Settlement Funding?

The reasons are simple, Mayfield is EXTREMELY fast.  They also are self funding their clients financing so there are no unnecessary delays to get the money you want and need.  The staff is friendly and there to answer any questions that you may have.

How can I get the money as fast as possible?

Mayfield Settlement Funding prefers you call our offices as soon as you can if you need to get the money fast.  Please call one of their friendly associates to take your application and get right back to you on approval.  This will allow the process to go as smooth as possible.  Call them at 18888008400

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